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About Us

At Aura Fine Art, art is our passion! We offer our years of knowledge and expertise to help our clients acquire, start or add to their collections, and enjoy the lucrative rewards of investing in the world of fine art.

Art has long been a proven part of investment portfolios for the super wealthy. Historically, the value of art has increased exponentially over other forms of investment. We are seeing increases of nearly 25% per year recently, and over 1000% long-term on some pieces. Now, we help art lovers of all levels, even first time art buyers, to take advantage of these investment opportunities. And because art is a tangible asset it allows the owner to enjoy the beauty and satisfaction that comes with owning an original piece of art, while the investment grows.

It’s easy to purchase art as something to simply hang on your wall and enjoy, just buy what you love. And we always encourage potential art buyers to be passionate about every purchase. However, suppose you can make a more educated purchase and buy not only art you love, but also art that has the potential to increase dramatically in value. The key to making the right art purchases comes from knowledge and an in depth understanding of the fine art world, knowing art buying trends, knowing the industry indicators and understanding which art and artists are on the right part of the curve. At Aura Fine Art we help our clients acquire with confidence, original, one-of-a-kind artworks with the authentication and provenance which are imperative to the long-term liquidity and value of the art.

Join us in collecting art, the ultimate investment!



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